Salesforce and HubSpot CRM Integrations

Referral Add to Salesforce

With our Referral Add to Salesforce integration, whenever a referral is added to Referral Rock, they are also added as a Lead or Contact in Salesforce. View our Salesforce integration for Referral Up…

Tyra Earl
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Referral Update with Salesforce

Keeping Salesforce and Referral Rock in sync through a sales process is essential so Referral Rock can correctly calculate rewards based off of referral and sales events. Salesforce v2 uses an oAuth…

Tyra Earl
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Referral Rock has three separate integration options for integrating with your HubSpot CRM. Each can be used on its own or in combination with any others depending on your needs. 1) Add Member Data t…

Meghan McEnry
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Referral Add to HubSpot

Our main HubSpot receiver integration allows for one-way communication from HubSpot to Referral Rock in order to update referrals based on HubSpot settings. Due to this, when using a Referral Rock ho…

Tyra Earl
Updated 4 days ago by Tyra Earl

Referral Update with HubSpot

Keeping HubSpot and Referral Rock in sync throughout your sales process is simple with Referral Rock's direct HubSpot integration. Read how to trigger referral updates via HubSpot in our Integration…

Updated 4 days ago