Tokens/URL Parameters

Tokens are data automatically generated by a Web server and can be passed as parameters over a URL or grabbed by another method such as our scripts. Below is a quick reference to our tokens/URL param…

Tyra Earl
Updated 9 months ago by Tyra Earl

Integration Events Log

Using the Integration Events log, you can view a list of all the integration events that are associated with your Referral Rock account. This includes One Click Access, API calls & Integration Script…

Amber Liggett
Updated 3 months ago by Amber Liggett

Merge Tags

Merge tags help you customize and personalize your text areas. Just use a merge tag and the system will replace it with the correct text. They can be used throughout your referral workflows on both...

Amber Liggett
Updated 9 months ago by Amber Liggett

Referral Rock API

The Referral Rock API gives you programmatic access to the data within your Referral Rock account It can be used to create a number of integration options A list with all available endpoints can be...

Amber Liggett
Updated 9 months ago by Amber Liggett