Rewards & Payments

Payouts (Overview)

Payouts are the methods in which rewards are distributed to your members and/or referrals. Below is a list of the different Payout options that Referral Rock offers. In order to add a payout type to…

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PayPal Self Service (Use your own PayPal Business account)

PayPal Self Service allows you to integrate your PayPal Business account with Referral Rock to issue payments in any currency. Our native PayPal integration uses an escrow account through Referral Ro…

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Email Payouts (Coupons)

Email Payouts are great for issuing coupon codes to members If you choose to use a static coupon code you can put it directly in the email You can also use a list of coupons codes a coupon list or ...

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Using PayPal Escrow

In addition to issuing rewards via email and gift cards Referral Rock supports issuing member rewards via PayPal PayPal is a great way to distribute cash rewards This article will cover How to add ...

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Gift Cards

Referral Rock uses Tango Card to create escrow accounts for Payouts The great part about Tango Card is that it allows you to send automatic e gift cards to Members and Referrals Managing Gift Cards...

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