Referral Capture & Update

Conversion Tracking (JavaScript)

What is the Conversion Tracking Script? The Conversion Tracking script is added to a page that signifies that a conversion has happened. This could define a successful demo form submission, quote req…

Tyra Earl
Updated 4 days ago by Tyra Earl

Universal Script: Convert 3rd party cookie to 1st party

Some users' browsers or browser extensions may block 3rd party cookies. We highly recommend using our Universal Script in conjunction with our Conversion Tracking script. As an extra measure to ensur…

Meghan McEnry
Updated 7 months ago by Meghan McEnry

(Advanced) Triggering Scripts on Non-Pageload Events

In addition to the default automatic triggering on page-load, all of Referral Rock's event scripts (Conversion Tracking, Referral Update, Member Access, and On-Site Widget) are able to be triggered u…

Updated 8 months ago

Referral Update (JavaScript)

What is the Referral Update Script? The Referral Update Script is used when your sales process has more than one step and you want to track referrals as they move through each steps. Just like the Co…

Updated 8 months ago

Conversion Redirect

Referral Rock's Confirm Page allows you to integrate referral conversion tracking with services that allow you to redirect users to a custom URL after completion of the desired action. This could be the thank you/confirmation page destination for an online purchase or form completion.

Tyra Earl
Updated 8 months ago by Tyra Earl