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How do I manually create or issue a reward?

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Manually Create a Reward

While reward rules automate the process of earning and issuing rewards, it is possible to manually create and send rewards directly from a member or referral's profile.

  1. Navigate to the member or referral's profile that you wish to create a reward for. Select the Reward icon that looks like a gift.
  1. Select Reward and enter a text description, reward amount, and payout method. Select Add.
  2. Review the reward information to verify it is correct. You may add an internal note as well. If you want to wait to send the reward, select Later. This will save your reward as a Pending Reward that you can manually issue at another time (see the directions below). If you want to send the reward immediately, select Issue Now.

Manually Issue a Reward

Depending on your reward rules setup, you may have pending rewards that need to be manually issued.

  1. Locate any pending rewards by going to Rewards > Review Pending or List
  1. To issue a reward, select the Issue Reward icon (looks like a gift) next to the corresponding reward that you wish to send.
    1. Review that everything is correct, enter internal notes if desired, and select Issue Now.
Issuing a manual PayPal reward allows you to input the Member or Referral's PayPal email address in the case that it is not the same email address Referral Rock has on file.

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