Rewards Management

What is the difference between a Payout and the program's Reward Rules?

A Payout is set up at the account level and determines the Currency and Type of reward. Reward Rules are then set up within your Program editor and associated with the Payout. Reward Rules determine the Amount and When the reward is earned (when the Referral reaches Pending, Qualified, or Approved status). The image below shows a breakdown of an example reward.

How can I schedule my payouts to issue at a certain time?

With our Scheduled Payouts option (for Growth and Established Business Customers), you can set your pending payouts to issue automatically at the end of every day, week, or month. To do this, go to the Payouts page and select the calendar icon next to the payout.

My product/service has a return policy. Can I apply an eligibility date to my reward?

Yes! You can apply an eligibility date to your reward on the Reward Rules page, under the Payout Rules section of your reward rule. This is a great feature if you have a return policy on your product/service, and do not wish to issue a reward until after that policy has expired.

If a Payout Eligibility Date has been applied to a reward rule, a reward will not be eligible to be issued until the eligibility date has been met. If you would like to automatically issue the reward once the date has been met, use the Scheduled Payouts option to set your payout to "issue once per day".


Let's say you have a return policy of 30 days, and you don't want to issue members their gift card until their referral's purchase has passed that 30 day window. Set your Payout Eligibility Date to '30' and then schedule your gift card payout to "Issue once per day". Once that 30 day window has expired, the member's reward will automatically issue at the end of that day.

How do I manually issue a reward?

To manually issue a reward, select the Reward icon that looks like a gift. This icon is located in 3 places:

  1. From the Member's profile page
    1. Select Reward and enter a text description, reward amount, and payout method. Select Add.
    2. Review the reward information to verify it is correct. You may add an internal note as well. If changes are needed, press No. If everything looks good, select Yes.
  2. From the Referral's profile page
    1. Select Reward and enter a text description, reward amount, and payout method. Select Add.
    2. Review the reward information to verify it is correct. You may add an internal note as well. If changes are needed, press No. If everything looks good, select Yes.
  3. From Rewards > List
    1. Here you can see all pending rewards. Select Reward next to the corresponding Member or Referral. Our system knows what reward and payout method they are due.
    2. Review that everything is correct, enter internal notes if desired, and select Yes.
Issuing a manual PayPal reward allows you to input the Member or Referral's PayPal email address in the case that it is not the same email address Referral Rock has on file.

A reward was issued to the wrong email. What do I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to revoke rewards that have already been issued.

  • If the reward was a PayPal payment sent to the wrong email address it will be returned to your account after 30 days if it remains unclaimed.
  • In the case that a Gift Card (Tango) reward was sent to the wrong email address and the card has not been claimed, Tango Support may be able to manually send the reward to the correct email address. If the reward has not been claimed and you have the correct email address, please click here and reference the steps under Help to contact Tango Support.

Can I reissue a reward?

There are some rewards that we can reissue. To view all of your issues rewards, select Logs > Payment History or by clicking here.

  • Gift Card: Locate the Gift Card Payment (Source: Gift_Card) that you would like to reissue and select Details under Action.
    • Scroll down to Actions and select Resend.
    • Referral Rock will show you what email the gift card will be resent to. Select Resend.
  • Emailed Coupons/Vouchers: Locate the Email payment (Source: Email) that you would like to resend and select Details under Action.
    • Scroll down to Email and select View.
    • Under Status, select the Resend Email icon.
    • Review that all information is correct, edit the subject line and adjust the Resend Options if desired, then select Send.
  • PayPal: Unfortunately we cannot reissue PayPal rewards as the process is automatic if the rewarded member or referral has an active PayPal account associated with the email address you sent the reward to. If they do not, they will receive a request to create an account. The reward is considered unclaimed until they create a PayPal account. If a PayPal reward is unclaimed for 30 days, it will be returned to your account in Referral Rock. If this happens, the associated reward will be set back to pending where it can be resent.
  • Manual: We cannot reissue manual rewards as these types of rewards are issued external from Referral Rock.

What type of rewards can Referral Rock automate for me?

Referral Rock can automate reward distribution for Email Coupons or Vouchers, Gift Cards or Prepaid Visa Cards (through Tango), and PayPal.

Automated Gift Cards, PayPal, and Prepaid Visa Cards are available on our Growth and Established Business plans.

Can Referral Rock send a check or cash as a reward?

We cannot issue check or cash payments as a reward. However, we can track manual payments! You can choose to issue check and cash rewards manually and track them within Referral Rock.

Want to pay with cash or check? Consider PayPal and Prepaid Visa Card rewards!

How do I fund my PayPal account?

There are two ways you can add funds to your PayPal rewards escrow account. Your available balance will be updated once the funds have been received.

  1. PayPal Transfer: You can fund your account with your PayPal balance by sending the amount to 
  2. ACH/Wire Transfer: Details for this transaction, including the account and routing number, can be found by selecting Add Funds on the Payout Ledger page.
Although Referral Rock is currency neutral, PayPal only supports USD. Also be sure to send using the "Send Money to Friends and Family" to avoid PayPal's transfer fees, that will get taken out of your balance.

How do I fund my Tango (Gift Card) account?

You can fund your Tango account using either a Credit Card or making an ACH/Wire transfer. To fund your account, navigate to Settings > Payouts > Gift Card Account > Manage Account or click here.

  1. To fund your Tango account with a credit card:
    1. Click Manage Credit Cards under Tango Settings. You can add a credit card, add funds to your Tango account from your credit card, and delete saved credit cards on this page. 
    2. Once you have added a credit card, click the Add Funds button, specify the amount you want to add, enter the security code on the back of your card.
    3. Click Submit.
  2. To fund your account through an ACH/Wire Transfer, click ACH Settings. A popup will inform you what to send.

How does someone redeem their Prepaid Visa card from Tango?

Please visit Tango's help article here for step by step instructions and a video on redeeming a Prepaid Visa card.

Do I get an email when I have a pending reward?

This is a requested feature that we are looking into, but Referral Rock does not do this within our own platform quite yet. A common workaround is to use Zapier to send zaps from Referral Rock to your email provider. The proper triggers for this depend on your program's setup.

Can I limit the annual reward amount for a recipient?

On our Growth and Established Business plans, you can limit your payouts to issue a maximum of $599 per recipient per calendar year. To adjust these settings, turn on the Annual Payment Limit on the Payouts page and edit all existing payouts you would like to include in the limit.

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