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Active Campaign Forms

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Integrating Referral Rock with your Active Campaign form is as simple as adjusting your form to redirect to a customized URL! We've outlined the steps below for you.

Active Campaign Fields and Form Settings

  1. Determine what fields you would like to pass from your Active Campaign form to Referral Rock. We require either an email address or external identifier in order to capture the Referral.
  2. Find the Personalization Tag for these fields by going to Forms > Manage Fields > Contacts.
  3. Edit the Form you would like to integrate with Referral Rock and navigate to Options and choose Open URL under On Submit.
  4. Note this location and continue to Referral Rock to retrieve the URL you will be placing here.

In Referral Rock

Setting the Referral Page to Redirect to your Form

  1. Navigate to Program Editor > Share or click here
  2. Under Referral Destination, select Change Destination
  3. Make sure the Webpage Redirect option is selected and enter the URL to the page where your Active Campaign Form is hosted.

Retrieve your Conversion Redirect URL

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Conversion Redirect or click here. Copy your Conversion Redirect URL which looks something like this:
  2. Now that we have the core URL, we need to add parameter mapping in order to send information from your Active Campaign form fields to Referral Rock. Add ? to the end of your URL for the first parameter and use & to separate any subsequent parameters. Note the structure is ?ReferralRockParameter=ActiveCampaignTag
    1. Example:
    View Referral Rock's URL parameters here to help you match the parameter to the proper Active Campaign token!
  3. Place the Conversion URL you have built into the Open URL On Submit in your form settings in Active Campaign.

Customize the Final Destination of the Referral

  1. Determine where you would like your Referrals to go after they have submitted the form. This could be a thank you or confirmation page. Note the URL of the page you have chosen.
  2. In Referral Rock, Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Conversion Redirect or click here and scroll down past your core conversion URL until you see Redirect URL. Place the final destination URL you have chosen here.
Once you're done with everything, submit a form and ensure the data is coming through correctly in your Integration Events Log

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