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Referral programs work great for events and no one comes close to Eventbrite when it comes to managing your event registration and ticketing process. In this article, we'll go over how to set up Referral Rock to record referrals made in Eventbrite.

This article references Referral Rock's Classic Landing page. If you are using our new Referral Page Web Page builder, please reference this article for instructions for how to build out a landing page.

Setting Up a Static Eventbrite Coupon Code for Referrals

If you want to offer referrals special incentives on event tickets, you can do so using an Eventbrite promo code.

Step 1: . Follow these instructions to create a promo code in Eventbrite. Eventbrite gives you plenty of options for customizing promo code behavior, so spend some time setting up the promo just the way you want! For instance, you can use a promo code to give a discount or even unlock normally hidden tickets. After you save the promotion, take note of the code that you created.

Step 2: Now that you have a promo code that works in Eventbrite, it's time to put it into Referral Rock. 

  1. Navigate to your Program Editor > Share or click here
  2. Under Referral Destination, select Change Destination
  3. Make sure the Hosted Landing Page option is selected and select Save
  4. Select Open Landing Page to begin building your landing page
    1. Make sure the static coupon code is inserted on the landing page

You'll want to spend some time customizing the landing page to make it perfect. The goal of the landing page is to give referrals a quick overview of your business, provide them with the static coupon code, and then pass them on to your Eventbrite event listing via the CTA button.

Referral Conversion Tracking in Eventbrite

The next step in setting up Referral Rock to work with Eventbrite is tracking conversions on your event. This will tell us which referral signed up for your event, the dollar value of their purchase, and who the member was that referred them. In this case, we'll be using the Image Postback method to send data back to Referral Rock.

  1. Log in to your Eventbrite Account.
  2. Under your account, select the event that you would like to track under Manage Events.
  3. In the menu on the left, click Analyze and then Tracking Pixels.
  4. Choose the Simple Image Pixel.
  5. Under Conversion Event, click Add Conversion Event and then select Event Order Confirmation.
  6. Add your Referral Rock Postback URL (created in the steps below) to the box.
  7. Hit Save.

To build your Postback URL:

  1. Find your example Postback URL here.
  2. Select from the beginning https all the way up to the ?.
  3. After the ?, add the following: externalidentifier=ORDERID&amount=ORDERTOTAL
  4. Add the Postback URL to the box in step 5 above.
Your Postback URL should look like the following, except with your referral rock site name at the beginning:
For more information, visit Eventbrite's article on image tracking.

Automating Referral Approval in Referral Rock

Back in Referral Rock, you'll want to ensure that referrals are automatically approved.

  1. In the Program Editor > Referral (or click here) > Conversion Settings > Settings
  2. Click the Yes box under Automatically approve referral? 
  3. When you create member rewards, ensure you are using the Approved Referral Status as the event trigger for the reward. 

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