Email Settings

The Email Settings section allows you to change the From Name, From Email Address, Authorized Sending Domain, and Authorized Bounce Domain for all program emails.

Editing Email Settings

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Email > Email Settings

From Name

This is the name that will display instead of an email address when members or referrals receive an email in regards to your referral program.

From Email Address (and reply-to)

This is the email address from which your program emails will be sent. If members or referrals reply to program emails, this is also the inbox for all replies. If your From Name is specified, your From Email Address will be replaced by it.

This is a site-wide setting and will affect all of your program emails.

Email Deliverability

Authorized Sending Domain

Your Email Sending Domain is the gray text next to your business name in an email (reference images below). Changing your authorized sending domain will allow you to personalize this text and change it to your domain.

From this: 

To this: 

Authorized Bounce Domain

By creating a custom bounce domain, you can customize the address that is used for the Return-Path header (which denotes the destination for bounces).

Domain Settings
  1. Add sending/bounce domain
  2. Make DNS changes on your DNS provider
  3. Verify DNS changes
Often times it takes DNS changes time to propagate, so if it doesn't verify right away, come back and try to verify in a few hours.

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