How can I prevent emails from going to spam?

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The best way to prevent spam and change the email address is by setting up a From Email Address and Authorized Sending Domain. Your Email Sending Domain is the gray text next to your business name in an email. Changing your From Email Address. However, deliverability will only be improved when you add the same domain that is included in that email address as your authorized sending domain. For example, if you set your From Email Address to, you will need to add as an Authorized Sending Domain.

The Sending and Bounce Domain features are available on our Established Business plan.
  1. Set your From Email Address
    1. Select Settings > Branding > Email or click here.
    2. Enter your From Email Address (and reply-to) and Save.
  2. Authorize your Sending and Bounce Domains
    1. Select Settings > Branding > Advanced Email or click here.
    2. Select Add Sending Domain and enter the proper domain (ex. and follow the instructions to verify your domain.
    3. Select Add Bounce Domain and enter the proper bounce domain (ex. and follow the instructions to verify your domain.
Often times it takes DNS changes time to propagate, so if it doesn't verify right away, come back and try to verify in a few hours.

Another option is to disable the built-in email form to force users to share through their own email address. This has the benefit of avoiding spam, while also increasing open rates as the email is from someone's address that they know.

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