Program Activity Log

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The Program Activity logs show the details of changes made that are associated with your programs. To access these logs, navigate to Logs Program Activity or click here.

Program Activity logs can only be viewed by an Administrator.
  • Filters
    • Filter by Create Date - Filter activity by the date the change was made.
    • Origins Dropdown- Filter by what or who caused the change.
    • Groups Dropdown- a high level overview of grouped categories that you can filter by. For example, the Rewards group includes events like Reward Add, Reward Delete, Reward Issue, and Reward Update.
    • Category Dropdown - Allows you to filter by a specific event.
  • Date - The date that the change was made.
  • Category - The type of change that happened.
  • Details - High level details of the change made. Select "More Details" to show exactly what changes were made.
  • Origin - What or who caused the change.

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