One Click Access

One Click Access is used to create a link href or set as iFrame source that you can give your users for seamless access for new registration or logging into their member page. Using a variety of URL parameters, you are able to send key identity and demographic information about your members. You are also able to use parameter sets in the URL to control the logic. This article provides you with all the information you need to create and customize your One Click Access link. 

Base URL and Parameters

To get started using the One Click Access feature, follow these steps to retrieve your link:

  1.  Log into your account and go to the Program details page.
  2. Under Integrations, select either Standalone Site, Widget, or iFrame.
  3. Scroll down to the One Click Access section and copy the Base URL link
  4. Add desired Parameters to the link. 
  5. Paste this link into your desired location. 

To customize your Base URL link so that it will pull the necessary information to sign up or login your members, you will need to add parameters to the link. Here is a template of how to configure your One Click Access link:

One Click Access = [Your Base URL] + ?Parameter = value. 

All subsequent parameters are joined by an “&” symbol.

Parameter Encoding

Each parameter needs to individually be encoded. This is so odd characters don't get messed up in the URL/browser. This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on your coding environment.

This site shows what a encoded URL would look like in addition to a better understanding of URL encoding is and here's how to do it in javascript.

Identity and Demographic Parameters

You can customize your One Click Access link to pull key identity and demographic information about your members by adding any of the parameters below. 

Here are some examples:

  • Which program they should be in
  • An external ID for the member/user so you can match them in your system.
  • Name, email address, birthdate, phone, or other demographic information
FieldValuesNotesRequired When adding a Member?Required for One Click Access?
programidentifierStringCan be Program Name, Title, Program ID.YesYes
externalidStringUsed to reference user by ID (Usually your ID for the user).NoConditionally required if email is not provided.
fullnameStringFull names will be parsed into first and last , with a single space between.NoNo
firstnameStringMinimum 3 characterYesNo
emailString (Valid email address)YesConditionally required if external ID is not provided
birthdateString (Parsed to a date)NoNo

Optional Control Parameters

You can also add parameters to control the logic of your link. 

Here are some examples:

  • Should the URL open a iframe friendly page, the widget, or a full page?
  • If the user doesn’t exist, should the system add them?  
  • Should I update demographic information on the member if they existed? This is a good way to keep all the data in sync between the systems.
FieldDefault ValueValuesNotesRequired when Adding a Member?Required for One Click Access?
sendregemailonaddprogramrulesprogramrules, true, falseIf value = program rules, it follows the rules of the programNo, uses defaultNo, uses default
updatememberfalsetrue, falseIf member exists, it will update member with demographic info providedNot affectedNo, uses default
viewsitesite, widget, iframeRedirects to either site, widget or iframeNo, uses defaultNo, uses default
addmembertruetrue, falseAdds member if user does not exist by external id or email.No, uses defaultNo, uses default
deniedpagegoes to codenotavailable
.aspx page on your Referral Rock site
String URLRedirects to page if access is deniedNoNo
debugtruetrue, falseInstead of redirecting, displays access link generated and all debug info, parameters, on page.No, uses defaultNo, uses default
truetrue, falseIf the first name is missing, we'll replace it with the email address.No, uses defaultNo, uses default
truetrue, falseIf we fail to login/add user we will direct the link to the registration page of that program. Note, the programidentifier must be set correctly.No, uses defaultNo, uses default


It’s important to debug your link to make sure it is working correctly and pulling all the correct data. The debug parameter is used to display access link generated data, debugging information, the result of the One Click Access link (did it fail, succeed, etc.) and a message detailing the results. 

You can also view every result in the Integration Event Logs, located on the Main Admin Page > Logs > Integration Events.  There are other integration events there, but these will be under Type:  “One Click Access”

One Click Access Flow

When you have successfully created and customized your One Click Access link, it should follow the below flow. 

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