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Success Checklist Part 2: Branding and Messaging

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Customize your Referral Rock account to display your branding and messaging. This checklist will help you create programs that reflect your company’s image and build trust with your Members and Referrals.

The Experience

1. Site Appearance

You need to customize certain graphic elements at the site and program level in order to create compelling pages for members and referrals. Site appearances help you to keep a consistent look and feel between all programs and pages. Typically, this includes the specific colors, brand logo, and main page header. See how to setup site settings.

Make sure your site elements are well organized and maintain your brand identity!

Your referral program should have a visually appealing header and background image. These elements should be well aligned with your company’s logo, social media sharing image, and any other graphic elements. 

2. What is the Member Experience?

These are your existing customers, partners, and advocates. They are the people referring their friends and family.  Remember you are trying to incentivize them to engage with your referral program and share with their friends and network.

A. Is your Registration page complete?

The Registration Page helps tell your customers and other members about the referral program. This is your opportunity to explain the benefits of joining the program for both themselves and anyone they refer. Since the Registration Page is the first point of contact between your existing customers and the program itself, you want to make sure the ‘Terms & Conditions’ of the program are very clear, so that they know what to expect. Your registration form will also be on this page so make sure it’s easy for them to sign up and understand what comes next. We also offer Facebook and Google SSO options for easy registration.

A few things to mention:

  • The reward(s) 
  • Who can earn a reward (member, referral, both)
  • Instructions on how to earn the reward(s)
  • Rules of the program

Learn how to set up your registration page here.

B. Does the Member page enhance the experience?

The Member Dashboard is part of the member’s experience. Once users sign up for the program on the Registration Page (or automatically sign in), they will be brought to their Member Dashboard. Once the Member has access to their Member Dashboard, they can start sending their personal link or referral code to their friends and network. It’s best practice to use high quality images on the Member page to help explain the benefits to the Member and increase visual appeal. Learn about the Member Dashboard.

C. Will members be able to see statistics and notifications?

Allowing Members to see their referral statistics is a good way of keeping them engaged in the program. Another good idea is sending them email notifications when their referrals sign up and use their referral code. Referral Rock allows you to customize the email subject and body of the notification to make the Member’s experience more personalized. 

3. What is the referral experience? 

These are your potential new customers. Often time this will be their first experience with your business, so it’s important to make a good impression.

A. Is the social media sharing message set up?

This shared post is the first impression a referral will have of your program so make sure this image and message is something that will help drive them to sign up. By using a customized social media sharing image and personalized text, your program will be more appealing to new customers coming in and your members will have better click-through rates with their shared URLs. 

B. Have you created a default email message for your members to send out?

Direct email is one of the best ways to introduce a possible new customer to your business. You need to create a compelling email that your members can easily share with their friends. With that being said, you don’t want to overload the subject line or the body of the email. You want to make the email message sound personalized and real - avoid spammy tactics. Remember to use placeholders to create a message that sounds like it’s coming from the member rather than your business. This way the message will seem like a friendly invite rather than a business transaction.

Similar to when you invited your members, make sure you include the benefit of why the referral should join. The benefit includes a clear message as to why your product or service is valuable and any discount or rewards that they’ll receive if they participate in your referral program. Focus on the benefits and try to use a friendly tone.  You can configure this message on the Messages Page in the Program Editor. Learn more about member Messages.

C. Did you capture the referral’s interest?

Make sure the referral’s experience encourages them to complete an action, like signing up or making a purchase!

The Referral Page is where referrals arrive after they click the link from the member’s email or shared post. Make sure you personalize this page with relevant content for potential new customers. Referral Rock allows you to capture referrals directly on the page with a form or within an external website like a dedicated landing page. 

Make sure you capture the necessary information from all new referrals but keep in mind that long entry forms have lower conversion rates.

You want referrals to trust your company so they’ll be interested in your products or services. This is why it’s useful to include a brief overview of your business. You should also add a contact form so referrals will provide their information for you to get in touch. If you are redirecting users to your website, make sure the integration scripts are placed on the thank you (or other appropriate) page. Learn more about referral registration and integration scripts.

Program Promotion

Program promotion is essential if you want to attract new members and get people to engage with your program. Be sure you have a clear idea of how you’re going to promote your program and what tools you will use.

1. Use your existing channels to promote your program

A. Personalized Invites

A personal invite like a phone call or even asking in-person can be an excellent way to promote your program. Consider building this practice into every conversation you have with a new customer, as it helps convert customers into referral program members.

B. Existing Customers/Lists

If you have mailing lists, consider using them to promote your referral program. You can send out mass promotional flyers occasionally to remind your customers of your program.  You can add an email as part of a drip campaign so that all new customers can easily learn about your program and sign up. Plus, when you first implement a program, a mass email may be just what you need to invite your customers to join. 

Make it easy for customers to signup by allowing them to sign up in one click using One Click Access or autocomplete the name and email information.

Have you made your program discoverable?

Another big part of referral program promotion is making your program discoverable. This means that at any given moment, your customers will be able to find your program. Perhaps someone meant to sign up when you first announced the program and invited them, but didn’t sign up at that moment. This is your chance to make the program easy for them to find again!

Have you thought about adding any of these promotion ideas?

  • Use your email signatures
  • Add links to your main website
  • Utilize your thank you pages
  • Mention it on your blog
  • Rotate in your social media
  • Add it to the bottom of invoices
  • Create a section designated to your program on your newsletters. 
  • Try good old fashioned flyers or posters
  • Consider advertising or re-targeting

Don’t worry about overexposure. As long as you are not too in your face with pop-ups and you’re not over-inviting individual members (this is why the promotion ideas above are useful), you should be fine. 

2. What about new channels?

A. Would your customers like physical invites?

Do you send your customers flyers or letters? If so, consider using this as an opportunity to mention your referral program. Just a brief mention works as a great promotion tool. 

B.  Are your social media profiles being used?

Check your social media profiles. These are great platforms to promote and invite people to your referral program. You can use your bios, set recurring posts or statuses, send direct messages, or post on someone’s timeline directly. 

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