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Customize your site and programs to match the branding of your business within your Site Design and Advanced Site Settings. Within Site Design Settings you can update your basic settings such as business logo, name, tagline, and website. Advanced settings like adding tracking, analytics, and site styles are located under Advanced Site Settings. You can manage your domain under SettingsBranding > Domain.

Site Design

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Settings > Branding > Site Design or click here

  • Business Name: Enter the name of your business.
  • Business Tagline (optional): Enter your business tagline.
  • Business Website: Enter your business URL.
  • Site Header: Select a site header style. You can choose between 2 and 3 column options, upload a custom header or use no header at all.
  • Logo/Header: Logo or header image that will display at the top of your program pages.
  • Site Color: Choose a site color to match the overall theme of your program pages.
  • Background Image: This image will display in the background of your program pages. (1600x1200px recommended)
  • Social Media Share Image: This is the image that will display when your programs are shared via social media.
These settings affect all programs and program pages. Any changes made here will be reflected throughout all of your programs.

Advanced Site Settings

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Settings > Branding > Advanced Site or click here

Referral Rock gives you the option to build a more custom feel to your program. If you are experienced with HTML, CSS, and changing styles then you may consider using Advanced Settings to edit your programs. This will allow you to create custom color themes and change your program’s font. Using the Site Styles option along with Site Settings allows you to create a completely custom appearance for your program.

Tracking and Analytics

This is where you can add external tracking to your referral pages. For more information on our Google Analytics integration, how to set up your account, and how to start tracking your Referral Rock pages, read our article on setting up Google Analytics.

Site Styles

Once you have clicked on Advanced Site Settings, you will be able to update the style of your site using coding and design knowledge. Visit to see the hex codes of colors.

Primary Color (Header and Button Color)

Secondary Color (if using 3 column)

Header Text Color

Hover Button and Link Color

Additionally, you can do other override changes which include:

Top Section Style Override (Default gray area below header)

Body Style Override (Font Styles)

Footer Style

Full Style Overrides

The Full Style Override section of the Advanced Site Settings lightbox allows for the unrestricted customization of all HTML classes that appear across the Registration, Member, and Referral pages. Any CSS that's added here should be formatted to include the necessary curly brackets, due to the fact that it will be placed within a "style" tag in the Page's HTML. Here's an example of how the CSS should appear within the Full Style Override text field:

// CSS Example for Full Style Overrides
h2 {
color: orange;
text-align: center;
These settings affect all programs and program pages. Any changes made here will be reflected throughout all your programs.

Domain Settings

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Settings > Branding > Domain or click here

Users on our Growth Plan or above have the option to use a custom domain to point to their referral program. This will allow users to tie in their existing brands with their Referral Rock campaigns. Users have two options to customize their domain:

  • A Standard Domain that is hosted by Referral Rock.
  • A Custom Domain that integrates with your existing online identity.

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