How do I fund my PayPal Escrow account?

Daniel Misico Updated by Daniel Misico

There are two ways you can add funds to your PayPal rewards escrow account. Your available balance will be updated once the funds have been received.

  1. PayPal Transfer (recommended): You can fund your account with your PayPal balance by sending the amount to 
  2. ACH/Wire Transfer: Details for this transaction, including the account and routing number, can be found by selecting Add Funds on the Payout Ledger page. If using this method, expect a delay of 5-7 days from the initial transfer to the funds deposited into your escrow account.
Although Referral Rock is currency neutral, Referral Rock's escrow PayPal account only supports USD. Also be sure to send using the "Send Money to Friends and Family" to avoid PayPal's transfer fees, that will get taken out of your balance.

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