General Questions

What is the difference between a Member and a Referral?

A Member is someone that knows your business, whether it be an advocate, customer, or even your employee base. A Referral is someone, such a friend or family member, that was referred to your company by a Member.

Can Referral Rock help me with designing my program?

While we offer Customer Success Managers to guide you through the setup process, you will be responsible for the design of your program. For an additional fee, Referral Rock will assist with the design and set up your program. Please contact your Customer Success Manager about this additional service.

Can a Customer Success Manager help me through my trial?

The program is self-service and the free trial is designed to give you 15 days to start to build out of your design/copy and speak with a member of our sales team about whether Referral Rock will work for your organization as a long term solution.Once you purchase a monthly subscription, a member of our Customer Success team will help you with finalizing the program and integrations with your site and software.

Can Referral Rock reward Members as well as Referrals?

Absolutely! Our programs are highly customizable. Members and/or Referrals can be rewarded depending on how you would like your program to function.

How many domains can be integrated with Referral Rock?

Each account is associated with a single domain. All of the programs on your account will be associated with the chosen domain.

Is Referral Rock compliant with GDPR?

For detailed information on Referral Rock and GDPR, please visit our GDPR page.

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