How do I manually update a referral's status?

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You can update a Referral status individually or in bulk via CSV import!

Individual Referral status Update

  • Referral List - Navigate to Referrals > List
  • Then simply locate the referral you'd like to update. One the right hand side you'll see the Status drop down menu. Simply click on the button and choose the status you'd like to update the referral to. Keep in mind once you approve a referral you cannot move them back into a pending or qualified status, you would need to remove and re-add the referral manually.
  • Referral Details - From your Referral List, you can also delete a referral from their details page. To see a referrals details, click on their name in the list. On the right hand side under Referral Status, select the desired status to update the referral.

Bulk Referral status Updates

  • Navigate to Referrals > Import > Updated Referrals (here)
  • Next upload your file, or if this is your first time download the sample file provided. For the file to import successfully you need to have a referralkey column and 1 additional column filled out, at minimum. For status changes you would obviously want the status column. Any columns that are not being used should be deleted, and all formatting should be removed from all columns/rows.

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