Managing Programs

What happens when I activate my program?

When you activate your program, all links to the program will be functional and publicly accessible. URLs to a program that is in the Draft stage will not work.

How many programs am I allowed to run at one time?

Depends on what plan you are on! You can check your program limit under Your Account Name > Billing or by clicking here.

What do the Suggestion and Warning alerts on my Program Overview page mean?

These are part of the program's built in audit. Suggestions are designed to increase member sharing and engagement and improve referral conversion rates. Warnings cover key areas of configuration and promotion that impact your program's usability and/or management. They can be completed or ignored. You can quickly access your program's audit here.

What is the difference between the Site view and the Widget View?

Our Site View option works out of the box and offers a standalone site hosted by Referral Rock with its own link. The Widget View allows you to have a widget (looks similar to a pop-up) on your own website. This preview is only available on Member Portal Classic.

What is the size of the Referral Rock widget?

The Referral Rock widget is fixed at 896px width and 70% of height.

How can I limit the referral program so only our current customers can participate?

If you have a customer list, you could import a CSV to automatically enroll the customers into your program. For further information on this, please visit our Import Guide and Managing Members FAQ. Alternatively, you could require each member to request approval before becoming a member. To require a user to submit a request to join:

Request Mode rules are currently available on Member Portal Classic only.
  1. Select your Program and Edit.
  2. From within the Program Editor, navigate to Additional Options or click here.
  3. Locate Registration Process under Member Options and select Edit.
  4. Under Registration Mode select Request Approval. Once this is selected, a field will appear labeled Request Approval Options.
  5. Edit the On Page Confirmation Message as desired and select Save. You will be notified of member requests by email.

Can I add an additional custom field to the Member Registration form?

Referral Rock can add up to 3 custom options (2 text fields and 1 drop down). To add or edit these custom options:

This is applicable to Member Portal Classic only. Member Portal 2.0's Registration Page requires full name and email address.
  1. Select your Program and Edit.
  2. From within the Program Editor, navigate to Registration or click here.
  3. Select Form > Custom Fields.
  4. Customize the fields as necessary and Save.

How do I add a video to my program?

Adding a video to your program is quite simple. We'll use this Referral Rock YouTube video as an example.

These instructions are for Member Portal Classic. To embed a video on a program using Member Portal 2.0, place the code in the text editor using "code view" for either the Dashboard or Registration page.
  1. Select your Program and Edit.
  2. You can add a video to many pages. Choose where you would like to add the video, such as the Registration page.
  3. Select Page > Page Text.
  4. Determine where you would like to add a video. In that section, choose the pencil icon to edit the HTML.
  5. Copy the embed information from your video source. Paste this within the HTML editor. Example:
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
  6. Preview in editor and Save.
You may include custom HTML to customize your video, such as determining a max-width or height.

How can I change the text template in the email invitation a Member sends?

To edit the email invitation that Members send:

  1. Select your Program and Edit.
  2. From within the Program Editor, navigate to Messages or click here.
  3. Select Edit Email.
  4. After the email is customized to your liking, make sure to hit Save. A preview of the email will appear within the editor.
HTML Templates only work when sending through the email form, not through the email buttons.

Can Referral Rock integrate with Instagram?

Referral Rock does not directly integrate with Instagram because Instagram doesn’t allow you to pre-draft messages. Instead, you could include information on the Member Page advising your Members to copy and paste their unique link or code to Instagram.

Can the same person be part of more than one program?

One person can be part of any number of programs but they would need to be registered as a Member for each program.

How do I get notified of new Members and Referrals?

To set up email notifications each time a new member or referral is added:

  1. Select the Program you would like to be notified for and open the Program Editor.
  2. Select Emails & Notification or click here.
  3. Scroll down to Custom Event Emails.
  4. The steps for Added Member and Added Referral are the same. Click the edit icon to the right.
  5. Here you can edit the email you will receive. Make sure you customize this email with merge tags so you'll be notified with the proper information!
  6. Enter the email address you would like these notifications to be sent to. If you would like to test this, enter an email address at the top and press Test.
  7. Toggle the Enable button to On and Save.

Would an extension like AdBlocker prevent us from capturing a referral?

No, if a referral is using an AdBlocker, this will not prevent you from capturing the referral. However, a browser extension that blocks JavaScript may prevent our scripts from running. This is extremely rare.

Can my referral program be run in other languages?

All of our text and form fields can be written in any language as they accept different characters and formats. This allows you to customize all public facing components of the program into any language.

Each language would need to be setup as a different program (if using more than one language) and the admin interface of Referral Rock will remain in English.

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