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On-Site Widget (Overlay)

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If you want your Referral Rock program to be front and center, add our On-Site Widget script to your site to get an always-visible referral button on the right side or bottom right corner of your page that launches your referral program when clicked. 

On-Site Widget Benefits

Member Portal 2.0 embed experiences offer sharing options only and do not support the Member dashboard or statistics. For more information, please reference our Member Portal 2.0 Embed Experience article.
  • The button text and color can be customized to fit your brand.
  • If a visitor on your site is not a member, the default view on the widget overlay is your program's registration page. If you have placed the widget overlay behind a customer login portal, you can set the script to automatically register the member using their email address or external ID using the addmember portion of the script. When the visitor clicks the button, they are automatically registered as a member and will be shown their Member Page to begin sharing.
  • If a member has already been registered to your program and your site knows their email address or external ID, the member can be automatically logged in to their embedded Member Portal 2.0 Share Block for easy access to their sharing options. Otherwise, the user will see your Registration page by default.
    If you are using Member Portal 2.0 Embed Experience, this method can be used to automatically Register and Login Members to allow access to the Share Block only.

Example of what the customer sees after clicking the button, when they are automatically registered:

Example of what the customer sees after clicking the button when they are NOT automatically registered. Note that an existing member can log in on the Registration Page by clicking "Already a Member?" under the Registration call to action.

Installing the On-Site Widget Script

You can find the On-Site Widget script in Settings > Integrations > Member Access > On-Site Widget script, or by clicking here. Add the entire script after your closing </body> tag. To change the button color and button text, use the widgetcolor and widgettext settings respectively. In addition, you can toggle the widget position to the bottom right of the screen using "alternate" for the widgetposition setting. The default position is the middle right of the page as seen above.

You can optionally add parameters if they are available on your page so that members can be automatically registered. If you use the email and firstname parameter, you will be able to register users automatically, without them needing to fill in a registration form. This can provide a nearly friction-less experience for new members of your referral program. 

The table below shows an overview of the required and recommended parameters which you will need to adjust within your script in order for the button to properly display your program.




The script works for a single program so you must select the program that you want members to be able to access. You can use the program's name, title, or the Referral Rock programID.




If you have the users' email address of the user accessible on the page already you can include the reference to that string here. This will allow users to be registered and logged in automatically instead of needing to enter their email address to sign up for your program.


If you want to sign members up right as they click the button and only have their email, you can substitute the email for first name with that setting in the script. That said, having members' first names is very important for future personalization of communication through the Referral Rock platform. 

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