How do I change the delivery name and email for outbound emails sent from Referral Rock?

Daniel Misico Updated by Daniel Misico

To change the delivery name and email, select Settings > Branding > Email or click here. Under Outbound Email Settings, enter your From Name and From Email Address and select Save.

This is a site-wide setting and will affect all of your emails.
  • From Name is the name that will display instead of an email address when members or referrals receive an email in regards to your referral program.
  • From Email Address (and reply-to) is the email address from which your campaign emails will be sent. If members or referrals reply to campaign emails, this is also the inbox for all replies. If your From Name is specified, your From Email Address will be replaced by it. All program emails (Registration, Registration Reminder, Approved Referral, etc) are all no-reply emails.
To improve email delivery performance, the From Email Address, or reply-to, requires the Email Sending Domain to be set up and verified under Settings > Branding > Advanced Email. This is available on our Established Business plan only.

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