Integrating Referral Rock with your Unbounce form is quick and easy! Here you will learn how to integrate your Unbounce form with Referral Rock for Referral Conversion.


  1. In Unbounce, create your desired form.
  2. Create a landing page that will act as a Thank You / Confirmation Page
  3. Determine what Fields of the form you'd like to pass to Referral Rock. We can capture the Referral using one of three required fields: email, external ID, and internal ID. Email is usually used and will be highlighted in these steps. We recommend passing over email address, first name, and last name at least. Note the parameter name as highlighted below.
  4. Navigate to your Form's Form Confirmation setting and set it to Go to another webpage. Enter the URL of the location of the Thank-You Page you created in step 2. Check Append form data to URL. These parameters should automatically be added to your Redirect URL when the form is submitted.
  5. Place the Script from the steps below on the landing page you are using as your Thank-You page.

Referral Rock

In Referral Rock, we need to first adjust the Referral Page to redirect to your Unbounce form. Then, we need to add a Conversion Script to the Thank-You landing page you built in Unbounce.

Set up Referral Redirect

  1. Navigate to your Program Editor > Referral Page.
  2. Select Redirect option.
  3. Enter the URL to the page where your Unbounce Form is hosted.

Conversion Script

In order for Referral Rock to receive the information from Unbounce, we must add a tracking script to the Thank-You page which can grab the URL parameters.

  1. Navigate to your Settings > Integrations and select Conversion Script or click here.
  2. Under Script Type, select Detailed. Copy the script.
  3. Carefully remove the information you do not need to pass to Referral Rock. You will be using the parameters ending in _param_name.
  4. Within the quotes, insert the field name of the parameters from Unbounce - Step 3. Example is below. If you choose to copy the example, ensure you replace "yoursite" with the proper name which can be found in the Conversion Script in Step 1. Your parameter names (email, first_name, last_name) may differ from the example below.
<script type = "text/javascript" >
window.rrSpace = (rrSettingsConversion = {
debug: "false",
parameters: {
email_param_name: "email",
firstname_param_name: "first_name",
lastname_param_name: "last_name"
(function(f, r, n, d, b, y) {
b = f.createElement(r), y = f.getElementsByTagName(r)[0];
b.async = 1;
b.src = n;
b.id = 'RR_DIVID';
y.parentNode.insertBefore(b, y);
  1. Place the script on the Thank-You Unbounce Landing page.

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