How do I fund my Tango (Gift Card) account?

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You can fund your Tango account using either a Credit Card or making an ACH/Wire transfer. To fund your account, navigate to Settings > Payouts > Gift Card Account > Manage Account or click here.

  1. To fund your Tango account with a credit card:
    1. Click Add Credit Card on the Gift Card Account Page
    2. Once you have added a credit card, we typically recommend waiting 24 hours before attempting to fund with the card. After waiting, click the Add Funds button, specify the amount you want to add, enter the security code on the back of your card.
    3. Click Submit
The first time a card is used there is a 24 hour holding/authorization period before you can use your card to add funds. If you attempt to fund with a new card without waiting and receive a failure, it is likely due to your card being unauthorized. Do not attempt to fund with the card again, instead wait 12-24 hours to see if the payment has processed and the funds have been deposited successfully.

Referral Rock will not bill your card if your Tango fund is low. Funding your account with a credit card is subject to a 3.5% processing fee.

  1. To fund your account through an ACH/Wire Transfer, click Instructions under ACH Wire Transfer. A popup will inform you what to send.
There is no fee from Tango when funding your account through ACH/Wire Transfer, however individual banks may vary.

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