July 2019: Launch Faster with Built in Invite Campaigns (+ other Member Features)

Here at Referral Rock, we are dedicated to getting your referral program built and launched as fast as possible. This is why over the last month, we have been focused on bringing more of the launch process into the Referral Rock platform

We are excited to introduce our new member invite campaigns, so that you can send your member launch emails directly from Referral Rock; pre-approved members lists, which let you control and limit who can join your program, and member overage protection, to ensure you never miss out on any new members just because you hit your account limit.

Member Invite Campaigns

Historically, when a referral program is ready for launch, our customers have had to send their referral program invitation and promotion emails through a third-party email marketing tool (i.e. MailChimp, Active Campaign, etc). 

Now, you can create and launch your invite campaign directly inside Referral Rock! 

Our Invite Campaigns give you the ability to send a personalized, targeted email to individuals that you import or that you have indicated on your pre-approved list (see below). This email will give people direct access to their member dashboard (no additional registration required) or if you prefer, let you them register from your registration page. 

If you are on our Growth or Established Business plans, you can access the Invite Email Campaigns feature here

How to create an Invite Campaign inside of Referral Rock

Improved Member Management 

Pre-Approved Member List

Are you running a referral program that is directed toward a specific audience? Perhaps you have a VIP program for all-star customers or you’re planning to launch a program for approved affiliates. Some referral programs aren’t open to everyone, which is why we’ve created pre-approved member lists

By using a pre-approved member list, in conjunction with limiting registration, you are pre-authorizing people to participate in your program, without taking up member space. This not only lets you control who joins your referral program but also ensures that only people that want to participate will be counted as a member.

When a pre-approved individual enters their name and email on the registration page, they will immediately be directed to their member dashboard to start sharing. Everyone else will need to get approval before joining. You can manage this list from your member requests page.

For more information on pre-approved members, see our Knowledge Base.

Pre-Approved Member List

Member Overage Protection

Once you hit the Member Limit for your Referral Rock account, new members are not able to join and participate until there is space made for them. That used to mean potentially missing out on a lot of Member sign-ups. With Member Overage Protection, we are happy to announce that this is no longer the case! 

Now, if you hit your account Member Limit, any new member requests will go into Referral Rock as Pending Member. Then, once you have either upgraded your Member limit or make space on your account, you can accept new Members from the pending list. 

Wrapping Up

A lot of our focus this year is on improving the member experience. Last month, that focus was on how your team can control the registration process inside Referral Rock and launch faster.

Be on the lookout for other exciting ways we are improving the member experience in the near future! 

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