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Referral Rock API

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The Referral Rock API gives you programmatic access to the data within your Referral Rock account. It can be used to create a number of integration options. A list with all available endpoints can be found in our API Reference Page.

As of 10/13/2020 we began hashing new API keys. This means your Private Key and Basic Auth key will not be visible after initial creation. API keys created prior will show your Private Key and Basic Auth key until 11/3/2020. While this will not disrupt the functionality of your integrations, please copy these keys in a safe place.

Referral Rock API

You can integrate your Referral Rock account with any other software by directly using our API. Our API Documentation includes information on making calls, subscribing to events in your Referral Rock account using our Web Hooks, opening a collection of API endpoints directly in Postman, and a link to our Zapier app.

Examples of API Integrations

There are a number of integration options that can be done using either the Referral Rock API or our Zapier app.

CRM Integration (Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, etc.)

Adding Referral to Another system (Send-New-Referral)

  • Referral gets added (in RR).
  • Referral details (and a uniqueID to ref back to) + extended details (Program name, Member name and email) is added to Referral Rock.
  • Zapier routes this information from Referral Rock to a CRM as a lead… i.e. Salesforce


Externally Update Referral (Approve-Referral, Deny-Referral)

  • User updates a Lead in Salesforce (has uniqueID or is keyed to email)
  • Zapier zaps them to RR to Update the referral (Approve or Deny)

Email Lists (MailChimp, Google Sheets)

Adding Member or Referral to another system (Send-New-Member, Send-New-Referral)

  • A Member or Referral is added in Referral Rock.
  • Send details: Name, Email, custom fields sent to Zapier
  • Zapier Routes them to another service like Mailchimp

Enrolling Members

Add Member from other sources i.e ecommerce (Add-Member)

  • A Member registers on an ecommerce site
  • Zapier sends us the data (email address, name and program)
  • The customer is added as a Member in Referral Rock

Web Hook

With the web hook endpoints, you can subscribe and unsubscribe to events within your Referral Rock account. 


Our Zapier app can be used to easily integrate your Referral Rock account with most third-party apps. The Zapier app uses our Web Hook API as its basis, and is currently in public mode. For more information on integrating apps with our Zapier app, read our article Automating with Zapier or visit the Referral Rock page on Zapbook.

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