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Promotion Best Practices

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Solutions for Promoting your Referral Program

It is highly recommended that you develop a strong promotion strategy prior to launching your referral program. When you are telling your Members about your referral program early and often, it not only reminds people to join but also to actively participate. Below, are some tips to make promoting your referral program easy and effective.

Problem: Drop in new Members since initial launch email

1. Promote, Promote, Promote!
  • How to Implement? Various ways through your marketing channels
  • Why?
    Think of your referral program like a movie release. Much like a movie studio wouldn’t show one preview for their new movie and hope that millions of people would turn up for the premier, you shouldn’t expect that one email launching your referral program will result in it going viral.
2. Use a Combination of Active and Passive Asks for Effective Promotion
  • How to Implement? Various ways through your marketing channels
  • Why?
    Having both active and passive strategies (defined in the image below) will ensure that your target Member audience is engaging with your referral program throughout their customer journey.
3. Ensure Emails are Short, Clear and Well-Branded
  • How to Implement? Email Campaigns (or your external email marketing system)
  • Why?
    Email is one of the most effective ways to promote any referral program, so it is important to send out emails that are concise and provide clear instructions to your Members. And don’t forget to include a catchy subject line to grab their attention!

Problem: People are viewing Registration Page but not signing up

1. Registration forms should fall above the page fold
  • How to Implement? Registration Page (Program Editor)
  • Why?
    Getting eyeballs on your registration page is a big step, so why make it difficult for your Members to register by burying the form with a ton of copy? Keep it as simple as possible and make sure that the form is easy to find on the page.
2. Simple and Direct Registration for Information Capture
  • How to Implement? Registration Page (Program Editor) > Form
  • Why?
    Limiting your registration form to necessary fields only will result in a higher conversion of new Members. Full name and Email are our default registration form fields, and we don’t recommend adding more than that. (If you are concerned about who is registering for your referral program, we have options to limit registration access)
3. Use One Click Access (OCA) to Make Registration Easier
  • How to Implement? Settings > Integrations or click here
    OCA allows Members to skip the Registration Page entirely. This happens when the referral program has access to name and email information from an external email marketing software (like Mailchimp) or when Members access a link to your program behind a website login portal.
  • Why?
    Make it easy for your Members to participate in your referral program by skipping manual registration steps, such as filling out a form. This ensures the Member can get to their sharing dashboard as soon as possible.
4. Enable Single Sign On (SSO) Options to Simplify Registration
Only applicable when using the classic Registration Page. SSO is automatically turned on for the new version of our member portal.
  • How to Implement? Program Editor (Registration)
    Turn on the options for Facebook or Google SSO on the Registration page of the Program Editor.
  • Why?
    Similar to OCA, making the sign-up process easier for your program leads to a higher number of Members joining.
5. Use Graphics and Images to make your Program clear
  • How to Implement? Registration Page > Page > Images
  • Why?
    Use imagery on your Registration page, rather than text, to explain to Members how the referral program works.

Problem: Don’t know where to promote the program

1. Timing for asking customers is important. Consider at which point(s) in the customer journey you should implement the referral program
  • How to Implement? Various ways through your marketing channels  
  • Why?
    Members are more likely to give a referral when they are happy. Think of the moments in your customer’s life cycle where you can capitalize on their happiness and integrate the referral program into those moments (ie: right after a purchase is made, after they give a great review, etc)
2. Referral Program should be easily Discoverable on your Page
  • How to Implement? Insert an iFrame or Widget on your company website by going to Settings > Integrations or click here & Company Website
    By placing pre-built HTML onto your company website, Members can join and interact with your program without having to navigate off of your website.
  • Why?
    Your target Member audience is likely already visiting your company website. Adding your referral program to places where people are currently spending time makes the journey for Members easier and more straightforward.
3. Integrate your Referral Program into your existing Marketing Channels
  • How to Implement? Various
    Depending on which marketing channels you are currently using, it may be as simple as adding a link to your program's Registration Page.
  • Why?
    The most successful referral programs are promoting to their target Member audience often. This doesn't mean flooding email inboxes. Think of the channels in which you are already communicating with your audience (examples in the image below), and get creative with both active and passive strategies for how to integrate the referral program into those channels.

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