Using PayPal

In addition to issuing rewards via email and gift cards, Referral Rock supports issuing member rewards via PayPal. PayPal is a great way to distribute cash rewards. This article will cover:

  • How to add PayPal as a Payout
  • Adding money to your Rewards Fund
  • Adding PayPal to your Referral Program

Adding PayPal as a Payout

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Settings > Payouts

To add PayPal as a payout:

  1. Select the Add Payout button.
  2. Enter a name/description of the payout.
  3. Select PayPal for your payout.
  4. Select a PayPal Option. You can either automatically issue PayPal rewards using the email address the Member provided OR you can require that the Member provides a PayPal email address before rewards can be issued.
  5. Edit the Reward Email. This is the email that will be sent to Members once the reward has been issued.
  6. Select the Add button.
The PayPal payout option is only available with certain plans. Visit our [Plans and Pricing] page for more information.

Adding Money to Your Rewards Fund

There are two ways you can add funds to your PayPal rewards escrow account. Your available balance will be updated once the funds have been received.

Option 1: PayPal Transfer: You can fund your account with your PayPal balance by sending the amount to 

Although Referral Rock is currency neutral, PayPal only supports USD. Also be sure to send using the "Send Money to Friends and Family" to avoid Paypal's transfer fees, that will get taken out of your balance.

Option 2 : ACH/Wire Transfer: Details for this transaction, including the account and routing number, can be found by selecting Add Funds on the Payout Ledger page.

Adding PayPal to Your Program

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Programs > Select Program > Edit Rewards > Edit Payouts

1. Navigate to the Reward Rules page of the program editor.
2. Select the Edit Payout icon underneath the Payout column. This will open the Reward Process widget.
3. Under the Default Payout header, select the PayPal payout option you created.
4. Press Save.

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