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Facebook and Google SSO (Member Portal Classic)

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Offering Facebook and/or Google SSO (Single Sign On) on your programs Registration Page allows your Members to easily register for your program using their Facebook or Google account. Single Sign On should be used if your program requires only a name and email address for Member registration.

This article is for Member Portal Classic. Our current version, Member Portal 2.0, has SSO automatically enabled.

Add Facebook/Google SSO to the Registration Page

  1. Navigate to your Program's Registration Page.
  2. Click the Form button on the right hand side and select 3rd-Party Login.
  3. Enable or Disable Facebook Login.
    1. If you are on the Established Business plan and have your own app connected to Facebook, you may optionally add your FB App ID and App Secret. Leaving these fields blank will use the default FB App 'Referral Rewards'.
  4. Enable or Disable Google Login.
  5. Set the location of the Facebook/Google SSO buttons on the Top or Bottom of your Registration Form.
  6. Set the optional text that appears above the SSO buttons.

Below is an example of a Registration Page with both Facebook and Google SSO enabled.

What is Single Sign On (SSO)? 

SSO is the ability to allow Members to register themselves for your referral program by using their Facebook or Google account credentials. When enabled, this feature will display a Facebook and/or Google logo on the Registration Page (see image above). Once clicked on, the Member will be asked to confirm their account and then taken to their Member sharing dashboard.

What is the benefit of using SSO?

Using a Single Sign On option is extremely beneficial for online login portals in order to cut down on the time and effort that it takes for someone to get signed up. By eliminating the need for the Member to manually enter their information, new users will be more likely to register and participate. SSO is especially popular for users on a mobile device. 

Do we have to use both Facebook and Google?

You do not. From the Registration page, you will have the option to enable either Facebook or Google, or both! You can also choose to have the buttons displayed above or below the form.

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