Managing Referrals

What information do I see on the Referral List?

The Referral List allows you to quickly view your Referrals. To access your list, select Referrals > List or click here.

You can select which program to view, or Referrals over all programs. Clicking the blue links (Referral, Amount, Created Date, Qualified Date, Approved Date) allow you to filter further!
  • Referral shows the Referral's name on top and their external ID below, if available.
  • Status indicates the Referral's current status. (Pending, Qualified, Approved, or Denied)
  • Amount is the amount spent by the Referral.
  • Member/Program shows what Member referred this person, and what program this Referral is part of.
  • Created Date is when the Referral was created/added in Referral Rock.
  • Qualified Date is when the Referral was Qualified. If you do not use Qualified status or they were never in Qualified status, this will appear blank.
  • Approved Date is when the Referral was Approved. If the Referral was never placed in the Approved status, this will appear blank.
  • Actions
    • 1. View Details
    • 2. Edit Referral
    • 3. Status drop down - You can quickly change the Referral's status by clicking this button and selecting the proper status.
    • 4. Add Referral as a Member - This will create a Member account using the Referral's information, allowing the Referral to be a Member as well.
    • 5. Delete Referral

What do I see when I view a Referral's details?

  1. Referral Details include their name, Internal ID, email, external ID, source, etc.
  2. Program Details indicate what program they are a part of and what Member referred them.
  3. Referral Status shows the current status, amount, Qualified Date, Approved Date, and any notes.
  4. Payments Owed will show you any rewards this Referral is owed but have not been issued yet.
  5. Reward List is a history of rewards this Referral has qualified for. Includes name of the Reward, Status, and Amount. Actions allow you Edit, Issue, or Delete rewards. Not every reward type will have all options.

What are the different statuses that referrals can be in Referral Rock?

Referrals can be Pending, Qualified, Approved, or Denied and our suggestion is to use these statuses to line up with your current sales process. Your program does not need to use each status.

How do I manually update a Referral's status?

There are two places where you can easily update a Referral's status: the Referral List and Referral Details pages.

  • Referral List - Navigate to Referrals > List and locate the Referral you'd like to update. One the right hand side you'll see the Status drop down menu. Simply click on the button and choose the status you'd like to update the referral to.
  • Referral Details - From your Referral List, select Details to access the Referral's details page. On the right hand side under Referral Status, select the desired status to update the referral.

Is there an easy way for me to download all the referrals collected into a spreadsheet?

Absolutely! From your dashboard, go to Referrals > List or click here. You can choose to filter Referrals here. If you would like to download a CSV of all Referrals, choose All Programs. Otherwise choose which program you would like the list for. At the bottom of the list there is a downward arrow. Click this arrow to download the CSV.

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