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Member Page (Classic)

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This article explains how to setup the classic member page experience. Please reference our Member Portal 2.0 article for information on how to setup the new member experience.

Once a customer has registered and become a Member, they are sent an email with information on how to access their Member Page. The Member Page is a dashboard that Members can use to easily share your business via social media and email. The Member Page contains a variety of social media share options, unique share links, and Member statistics updated in real time. This article will explain:

  • Customizing Text and Images
  • Sharing Options
  • Toggling Member Statistics

Page Options

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Program > Select Program > Edit Member Page > Page or click here

Page Text

  • Title: This will display in large text on all pages for the campaign.
  • Description: This text is used as a short description of the offer and explains why the Member should refer.
  • Help Text (optional): This is an additional area that can help guide the Members.

Page Layout

Choose to display the page in either a wide double column or narrow single column format.

  • Display Member Menu: If unchecked, the Member menu icon will be removed from the Member Page. This will also remove the update profile, change password and log out options from the Member Page.
  • Wide Double Column: The wide double column option puts the image and sharing buttons side-by-side (shown in the picture). The page will be horizontally oriented.
  • Narrow Single Column: The narrow single column option will display the image above the sharing buttons. The page will be vertically oriented.
  • Terms and Conditions: You can choose to display a link to your Terms and Conditions on the Member Page.


  • Header Image: This is an optional image that will display under the site header for this page. (recommended size 600x300px)
  • Center Image: This is an optional image that will either display next to or above the social media share buttons. The location of the image depends on the  Page Layout. (recommended size 600x300px)


The Referral Page Inject feature lets you add HTML and JavaScript directly into the bottom of your landing page, inside a body tag.

Referral Rock is updated on a regular basis, and classes and IDs are subject to change with Style updates. Please be sure to maintain your scripts to ensure functionality.

Share Buttons

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Program > Select Program > Edit Member Page (or click here) > Share Buttons 

Share buttons allow you to customize the various share options displayed to Members on their page. This includes social media sharing, emails, and whether or not Members can add Referrals directly. Below are the share options that can be customized on the Member Page. Each option will be numbered according to the image.

You can customize the social media share message, title, description, and thumbnail image on the Member Messages page in the Program Editor.


  • Share Menu Text: This adds custom text to the share menu button.
  • Share URL and Text: This will allow you to customize the help text displayed above the share URL.
  • Social Media Buttons and Text: Choose which social media share buttons will display on the page. You can also opt out of displaying social media share options on the member page by unchecking 'Display Social Media Buttons'.
  • Email Buttons and Text: Like the social media share buttons, this will display email share options based on popular email providers. You can opt out of displaying email share options on the Member Page by unchecking 'Display Email Share Buttons'. Or you can pick and choose which email providers you would like to include by individually checking and unchecking the email provider boxes by name.
  • Add Referral Directly: This option allows the Member to add a Referral directly - without having to send the Referral to a registration form. You can opt out of displaying this option on the Member Page by unchecking 'Display Add Referral Directly Button'.
If a Member adds a Referral directly via the Member Page, neither the Member nor the Referral will receive a notification. However, you will still receive a notification of the Referral if your Admin settings are turned on.  

Email Form

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Programs > Select Program > Edit Member Page (or click here) > Email Form

  • Options: The Option Page allows you to specify the content of your on-page email form.
  • Email Form: This section allows admins to customize the default text that will display when to your members when they share your program via email. You can set the default subject and email message under the Messages tab in the Program Editor. For even further customization, use our Email Template (Advanced) section to enter in your own HTML.
The Member to Referral email is a great opportunity to not only include offer details but a little background into your brand as well. Using placeholders to personalize emails is also a great way to connect new customers to your brand.

At the bottom of every email, a link is available for the Referral to go back to the email form. If you do not want to include that link, simply uncheck the box to include it when editing the email form options.

Statistics Display

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Program > Edit Member Page (or click here) > Statistics

The Member Page Statistics Display feature allows Members of your program to be able to track the status of both their Referrals and applicable rewards.

Display Statistics

This “Yes” or “No” radio button will either entirely enable or disable the Statistics area display on the Member Page. The following options are only available if Member Statistics are enabled. The statistics section of the Member Page is grouped into two sections: Member Statistics and Referral Details.

Member Statistics

  • Statistics Title: Change the title of the statistics section. You can also leave it at default.
  • Helper Text: This is displayed right below the title as an additional source of information.
  • Status Labels: These are all optional statistics. The titles can be customized or left to default. If a textbox is left blank, that particular statistic will not show.
  • Display Actual Rewards: This “Yes” or “No” radio button will either entirely enable or disable the display of both earned and issued rewards for the member.

Referral Details

  • Display Referral Details: This toggles the Referral details section on and off. Choosing 'No' will remove the Referral details section from the page.
  • Referral Status Text: Customize the status text you want the Members to see based on the referral status. If left unchanged, it will display the default Referral, Qualified, Approved and Denied statuses.
  • Display Referral Amount: Choose whether or not you want the "Amount" section to display. The amount section shows how much the referral spent with your business.
  • Display Referral Note:  Displays the "Note" section. This will show the Member any messages that the administrator of the program has added into “Public Notes”.

Edit Site Settings

Make changes to the Basic and Advanced Site Settings for your program.

  • Basic Settings include customizing your business name, site header, and logo.
  • Advanced Site Settings include editing site styles and adding tracking and analytics.

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