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Working with External Tracking and Scripts

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There are many ways to add external tracking to your Referral Rock pages. Using external tracking and other scripts is a great way to gain insight into the users that visit your referral program. Below we take you through the steps to add Google Analytics and other external HTML scripts for sites like Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Adroll, or Facebook to your Referral Rock pages.

Google Analytics

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Settings > Branding > Advanced Site or click here

Referral Rock integrates with Google Analytics so you can view more in-depth information about the users that visit your Referral page. Changes to your tracking and analytics settings in Referral Rock will affect all programs and program pages.

Adding your Tracking ID

To get started:

  1. Copy your Google Analytics tracking ID. It should be in the UA-XXXXXXX-YY format.
  2. Go to Settings in your Referral Rock Admin dashboard. Select Branding > Advanced Site.
  3. Paste your tracking ID in the Google Analytics textbox.
  4. Hit Save.

For more information on setting up Google Analytics tracking, visit their Help Page.

Adding External Scripts

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Programs > Select Program > Program View > Edit Pages

With the Page Inject feature, you can add HTML script tracking codes to your Referral Rock pages. This feature is useful for when you want to add tracking scripts from sites like Kissmetrics and Mixpanel, retargeting scripts from sites like Adroll and Facebook Scripts, and event tracking scripts to your Referral Rock account. External scripts can be added to the Registration, Member, or Referral page.

To get started:

  1. In your Referral Rock admin dashboard, select the Programs tab.
  2. Select your program. Go to the Edit Program section of the Program View page.
  3. Select the desired Page. Under the Customize section select Advanced from the dropdown menu. This will open the Advanced Options pop-up.
  4. Insert your code in the Page Inject textbox.
  5. Press Save.

To track customer data on each program page, you must add your tracking script to the Registration, Member and Referral pages.

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