Emails & Notifications

Manage how you communicate with your Members and Referrals and any admin program notifications you and your team would like to receive from the Emails & Notification page. From this page, you can enable/disable any emails or notifications as well as edit the content. 

Email Types

Registration Stage

When a client registers as a member to your Customer Referral Program, there are three email notifications you can create.

  • Member Request - Potential Member: The email a potential Member receives after completing the registration request. This email is used when a potential Member needs to be approved before joining the program. By default, this email is disabled. To add this step into your program, change the Registration Mode to "Request Approval" in your Additional Options. 
  • Member Registration - Member: The email a new Member receives after completing the registration. 
  • Added Member - Administrator: The email notification an admin receives after a Member is added.
  • Registration Reminder: Email a member receives 3 days after they register to encourage them to share more.
  • Member Password Reset: The email notification a Member receives when they request to reset password (always on).

Referral Stage

Once a potential client is referred to your business, there are five emails associated with the Referral stage.

  • Referral Form Confirmation - Referral: Email a Referral receives after they complete a Referral page form.
  • Added Referral - Administrator: Email notification to admin when a Referral is added.
  • Added Referral - Member: Email a Member receives after a Referral is added.
  • Qualified Referral - Member: Email a Member receives after a Referral is qualified.
  • Approved Referral - Member: Email a Member receives after a Referral is approved.
  • Referral Invite - Referral: Invite a referral to join the program 3 days after they are approved.

Rewards and Payout Emails

Reward Rules Emails and Payout Emails are not managed in the Email & Notifications page, but you can access these areas by clicking on the Reward Rules and Payout Page links.

Editing an Email

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Programs > Select Program > Edit Emails & Notification 

To edit the content of any of the emails, follow the steps below

  1. Select "Yes" to enable the email (to disable the email, select "No").
  2. Select "Edit" next to the desired email.
  3. Edit the email subject and message of the email. 
  4. Hit Save.

For email notifications sent to Administrators, you can determine where the notification gets sent by entering the email address of your desired admin in the email edit window. 

Editing the "From" field of your emails can be done in Email Settings in the Email Menu.

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