Email Payouts (Coupons)

Email Payouts are great for issuing coupon codes to members. If you choose to use a static coupon code, you can put it directly in the email. You can also use a list of coupons codes,  a coupon list, or automatically generated codes. Coupon lists contain a series of unique coupon codes that are only issued once.

Emailing Payouts

Email Payouts allow you to offer coupon codes as rewards. The coupon code, or a Rewards merge tag, can be placed in the Payout Email. This will be emailed to the Member or Referral once their reward has been earned and issued.

Don't forget to use our merge tags to personalize your payout emails!

Coupon Lists

Coupon lists can be used if you want to issue unique, one-time use coupon codes for Members to redeem. Once a coupon code is issued, it's moved from the Open list to the Distributed list. Once distributed, a coupon code cannot be redistributed.

Adding Coupon Lists

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Settings > Payouts

You can add coupon lists as a payout option by navigating to the Payouts page. Under the Payout Sources section of the page, select Manage Coupon Sets. This page lists the coupon codes you have created. You can also add, edit and delete coupon lists.

Click the Add Coupon Set button, this will take you to the Add Coupon Set page.

  • Mode: Select a mode for your coupon set, either a manual code upload or automatic code generation.
  • Coupon Set Name: A name for your coupon set.
  • Redeem Referral Action: When coupon code has been redeemed, you have the option to select which status, if any, a Referral is updated to. 
  • Set Warning (manual mode only): When your coupon set is low, you will receive a warning email. You have the option to receive a warning email when your Reward Code Set has  5 Rewards, 10 Rewards or 25 Rewards remaining. Once your coupon set runs out, automated emails with rewards will no longer be sent and will have to be issued manually.
  • Prefix (automatic mode only): An optional prefix to be set on all automatically generated coupon codes.
  • No. of Characters (automatic mode only): Set a number of characters to be included in your automatically generated coupon code, default of four characters.

Managing Coupon Sets

  • Edit Coupon Set: Allows you to edit the settings (above) of a specific coupon set.
  • Add Coupons: Manually add each unique code to your coupon set, add many codes by separating the code with a comma.
  • Delete: Delete a coupon set when not in use.

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