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This article will define the different admin menu options that you have once you have logged into your Referral Rock account.

  1. Dashboard - View program and account statistics from the dashboard. You're able to see anything from how many Members have registered to how many Referrals have been created. Stats are available for daily, the account’s total lifetime, and custom timeframes.
  2. Programs - The Programs tab lets you view and manage all active and draft programs from the Programs tab within the admin console.
  3. Invites- The Invites tab is where you will manage your referral program's automated member invitations. From the Sources & Rules page, a user will see a dashboard of all invitation history, view any pending invitations, and manage the rules associated with any automated invitations. The Email Campaigns page will allow you to setup and send an invite campaign to any pending or imported potential members.
  4. Members - The Members tab displays Members across all programs within the account with the ability to filter by program. From this tab, an admin can view the entire list of Members, add new Members, import Members,  view Member requests, and view Email Campaigns.
  5. Referrals - The Referrals tab shows all individuals referred by Members. From this tab an admin can view the list of Referrals, add a single Referral, view sales entries, or run a Referral import.
  6. Rewards - The Rewards tab allows you to manage any rewards associated with your account.  From here an admin can list all rewards, view payments owed, and redeem coupons.
  7. Logs - The Logs tab allows you to quickly access your account's logs regarding payment history, email history, integration events, notifications, fraud events, import history, and Sales Entries.
  8. Settings - From this tab you can access all of your branding settings (such as custom domain, logos, email replyto and sending settings, CSS styling, and more), Payouts, Integrations, Member Segments, and access your Email Block List.
  9. Account - Located in the top right corner of the Referral Rock portal, your account name will appear next to the user icon. Here you can log out, manage your team, access your billing and plan information, change your email and name, and update your password.

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