Image Dimensions

Listed below are the recommended image dimensions for custom images for your program.  All uploaded images have a 5MB limit.

Site Specific Images

These images are displayed site wide and you will be able to edit them in the Site Settings editor.

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Settings > Site Settings

Image        Dimensions
Site Background ImageThis stretches to 100% on the background of the site. It is recommended that the image be at least 1200x800 pixels. There are some in the gallery with the dimensions of 1600x1200 pixels. 
Site HeaderThe default dimensions for cropping custom site header are 896x128 pixels. However, you have the option to turn off the cropping tool and use your own image size. 
2-Column HeaderIf you choose to do the 2 column header for your site, the cropping dimensions for this image are 400x200 pixels.
3-Column HeaderThe 3 column header's cropping dimensions are 300x300 pixels. 
Social Media Share ImageThese get cropped during upload to 1200x630 pixels. 

Program Specific Images

These images are program specific. Meaning they will not carry over to other programs or pages within a program.

 > Navigation: Main Admin Page > Programs > Select Program > Edit > Registration/Member/Messages/Referral > Edit > Page > Images.

Custom Page Image/BannerThe default dimensions for cropping are 896x128 pixels. Additionally, you can turn off cropping and use the full image size. The Custom Header Banner dimensions are the same for all pages (Registration, Member, Referral). Remember you can use the breadcrumbs at the bottom of the page to navigate.
Registration Page ImageThis image gets cropped during upload to 600x300 pixels.
Member Page ImageThis image gets cropped during upload to 600x300 pixels.
Referral Page ImageThis image gets cropped during upload to 600x300 pixels. 

The custom page image/banner image will not carry over to all of the mentioned pages, you will have to manually add this image to each of the pages if desired. This is set up so that if you choose, you can put a different banner on each page.

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