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Referral Rock's Reports section provides easy access to your data to use for custom analysis and data back ups. To download your company's reports, select your Company Name in the top right hand corner, and then select Reports from the drop down menu or click here.

Types of Reports

  • Members - Download a CSV of all member data, including member details and sharing and referral statistics.
  • Referrals - Download a CSV of all referral data, including referral details and amounts and statuses.
  • Rewards - Download a CSV of all reward data, including reward recipient, status, amount, and payout type.
  • Annual Payments (1099 Report) - Customize and download a CSV of payout recipients and amounts for a selected year. If you are tracking Payment Limits in Referral Rock, this report will allow you to easily access of the annual payments that went out to each recipient (see screenshot below)
  • Email Unsubscribes - Download a list of all email addresses that have unsubscribed from your referral program emails or reported them as spam.

    Customization options for the Annual Payments Report:

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