Member Management

Members are the advocates of your business. They become members once they register for your program.

The Members tab displays all the individuals that have registered for your program(s). Manage your Member List by disabling any inactive members, add referrals for a particular member, or delete any old records. Manually add members by selecting Add Member. You can also View a list of member requests by selecting List Member Requests.

Managing Referrals

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Members > List Members

When you click on the Members tab, select List Members to display all members of your business. Using the buttons in the actions column, you can view details, edit member information, disable member, and delete the member.

Each member record includes the following information:

  • Member Name: The name of the member.
  • Program: The program the member registered under.
  • Referral Code: The unique code assigned to the member. Below the code is a target symbol. When clicked, it will allow you to add a Referral to the Member.
  • Created: Date member was created.
  • Member Access/Last View: The total number of times Member accessed the page and the last date of access.
  • Referral Views/Last View: The total number of views to the member page and date of the last view.
  • Referrals: Number of Referrals generated. Referrals are separated into three categories: Created, Qualified, and Approved.
  • Rewards: Number of pending and issued rewards for the member.
  • Actions: View Details, Edit Member, Disable Member and Delete Member options.

Member Segments

Often, you may want to view specific groups of Members. A segment is a set of filters that have been pre-saved to allow you to view a specific Member demographic.  Segments are available through the dropdown menu on the 'List Members' page and are not program specific.

Creating a Segment

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Members > Member Segments

Select 'Add Segment' in the top right corner.  Outline your desired set of filters, name segment, and save to your Saved segments. Any saved segments will be custom to your company account and can be edited at any time.

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