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Member Portal Embed Experience

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If you are using our new Member Portal, you may choose to embed the Share Block of the Member Portal on your website through a widget or iFrame. Using this method will allow your members to register, log in, and share your referral program straight from your own website! Perhaps you'd prefer to embed a fuller version of the Member Portal on your site. Learn how below!

Member Portal Share Block Embed

The embed experience for the Member Portal allows members to log in, register, request a password reset, and most importantly, access their sharing options. While the Share Block of the Member Portal is supported in the embed experience, the following pages and functionality are not supported by the embed function:

Full Portal Embed

If you would like to embed a more robust version of the Member Portal, we offer the option to place a Full Portal Embed on your site. This version removes the header and offers a trimmed down white footer. The only functionality that is not supported in the Full Portal Embed are the Member's Account Settings.

To retrieve the Member's URL and access token you will need to use our API.

Curious what your Member Portal Full Embed would look like? Head over to the Integrations page and select Full portal embed under Member Access and select the desired program for a preview!

Embed Options

  • iFrame - The Referral Rock iFrame code allows you to easily embed your Referral Rock program directly onto your website.
  • Link Widget (Embedded Button) - The widget option allows you to add an HTML snippet to any button, text, or another linkable object on your site. When clicked, your programs share block will pop over the current page in a beautiful overlay. 
  • On-Site Widget (Overlay Button) - If you want members sharing options to be front and center, add our widget overlay script to your site to get an always-visible referral button on the right side or bottom right corner of your page that launches your programs share options when clicked.  

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