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Registration Page (Classic)

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This article explains how to setup the classic registration page experience. Please reference our Member Portal 2.0 article for information on how to setup the registration page for the new member experience.

The Registration Page is where advocates of your business register to become Members and is their first point of contact with your referral program. This article takes you through creating a Registration Page including creating a registration Email, customizing form fields, adding Facebook and Google SSO, and editing your Site Settings. 

Page Options

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Programs > Select Program > Edit Registration Page (or click here) > Page

Page Options allows you to edit the Page Text, Images, Terms & Conditions, and Advanced options.

Registration Page Text

  • Title: Displays in large text on all pages for this campaign.
  • Description: Customize the basic offer section explaining what you are offering the "Member". This text will describe the offer to the users or a reason they should refer your business.
  • Offer Text Alignment: Choose whether you want the offer text aligned to the left of the page or centered.
  • Member Login Link Text: Displays a member login link. If you want to remove the link, leave this text blank.
  • Additional Directions: This is an optional field that allows you to enter any additional information you want your members to know. It will display below the offer box and image, but above the registration


  • Header Image: Customize what header you wish to be displayed. This optional image will display under the site header for this page. (recommended size 600x300px)
  • Center Image: You can use an image to further explain the details of the process. Customize the image displayed on the Registration Page by uploading an image, selecting from the gallery, or removing the image completely. (recommended size 600x300px)


The Referral Page Inject feature lets you add HTML and JavaScript directly into the bottom of your landing page, inside a body tag.

Referral Rock is updated on a regular basis, and classes and IDs are subject to change with style updates. Please be sure to maintain your scripts to ensure functionality.


If the Require Terms and Conditions checkbox is selected, customers will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of your promotion in order to become members and participate in your rewards program. You can also choose how your terms display in this section.


> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Program > Edit Registration Page (or click here) > Form

In this section of the editor you can update the registration prompt, edit text fields, add custom dropdowns or textboxes, and customize the registration button. Below you will find a list of all editable options within this specific editor.

Basic Form

  • Form: The registration form includes basic form fields by default. The basic form field includes name and email.
  • Optional Fields: Phone number and date of birth fields can be displayed by enabling optional fields. Once enabled, these will become required fields if selected.

Custom Fields

  • Display Custom Dropdown: This is an optional dropdown that will display a dropdown title and a list of choices.
  • Display Custom Textbox 1: This is an optional textbox with the choice between single or multiline. This will display a textbox name/question and a box for the Member to write their answer in.
  • Display Custom Textbox 2: A second option textbox with the choice between single or multiline.

Form Validation Options

Custom form fields have additional validation options that can be applied:

  • Required: This validation option is available for all custom field options. If a field is required, the Member will not be able to advance without satisfying the requirements for that field. In addition to this, you can also specify a minimum and maximum amount of characters for each required field. If you don't want character limits on form fields, set the minimum and maximum fields to 0.
  • Digits Only: Only digits can be entered into the field. This can be combined with the required validation option. A minimum and maximum character value can also be set.
  • Minimum Characters: Set the minimum character amount. The text field will be flagged if the user goes below this amount.
  • Maximum Characters: Set the maximum character amount. The text field will be flagged if the user goes above this amount.
  • Date Only: A date must be entered into the field. Dates must follow the mm/dd/yyyy format. This can be combined with the required validation option. A minimum and maximum character value can also be set.

3rd-Party Login

Here you can add Facebook and/or Google SSO (Single Sign On) buttons above or below your Registration Form, allowing members to easily register for your program.

Edit Site Settings

Make changes to the Basic and Advanced Site Settings for your program.

  • Basic Settings include customizing your business name, site header, and logo.
  • Advanced Site Settings include editing site styles and adding tracking and analytics.
For more detailed information on the Registration Process, visit our Additional Options page.

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