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This article outlines the portal editor and walks you through how to customize the Member Portal for your referral program.

If you are currently using Member Portal Classic, please first visit our Migration article for tips on changing to our new Member Portal.

Portal Settings


When you click the Branding button, you can personalize the member dashboard to fit your organization's brand. You can also edit the images and text for the portal's main pages.


  • Portal Title: The Portal Title will display as the title of your page on browser tabs. By default, this displays as "Referral Program".
  • Standard Desktop Header: Set the header that appears on devices such as desktops and laptops. You can upload an image or remove the image here. The ideal image size is 400 x 70 pixels.
  • Mobile Header: Set the header that appears on mobile devices. You can upload an image or remove the image here. The ideal image size is 200 x 70 pixels. (If no mobile header is specified, your Standard Header will be displayed on mobile devices)
  • Favicon: Set the favicon that appears in the tab of your program pages. You can upload an image or remove the image here. (A favicon is the image that appears in the tab open a web page. You can see the favicon for this page, the blue Referral Rock logo, by looking at the open tab.
  • Hide from Google Search: By selecting "Hide from Search," you can prevent Google from displaying your program pages in search results.
  • Custom Portal Nav Items: Add custom navigation options, like the homepage of your company's website, on your program pages. You can set the name of the navigation options and the corresponding URLs. You can set up to 5 custom nav items.
  • Accent Color: Enter a hex code or use our color picker! This color applies to icons, buttons, and the background color of the section of Member Portal 2.0 that you're currently viewing as shown below.


  • Content Block: Choose to display an Image and Text or Image Only. In the instance where you have a great graphic that includes text already describing what your program is about, you may want to use Image Only.
    • Image: This image appears as the main image on your Portal, to the left of the member's sharing options. Here you may Upload an image, select an image from our Gallery, or remove the image. Ideal image size is 545 x 150 pixels.
    • Content Header: The Title appears under your Dashboard Image.
    • Content Description: The Description appears below the Title and Image. This block of text is used to provide context for your referral program and encourage your members to share.
  • Member Stats Block: Choose to enable or disable the member stats, which are shown at the bottom of the Portal. This is enabled by default.


The Registration page is the default way of registering members for your referral program. The registration page provides people with information about your program and it makes signing up to become a member as easy as possible via the short form or Single-Sign-On (SSO) buttons.

By selecting the Edit icon next to 'Registration', you can edit the imagery and text for the registration page using the options below:

  • Content Block: Choose to display Image and Text or Image Only. In the instance where you have a great graphic with text describing your referral program, you may want to use Image Only.
    • Registration Image: Upload Image, Select an image from our Gallery, or Remove Image.
    • Content Header: Title of your referral program, seen below the Registration Image.
    • Content Description: Use our text editor to explain the benefits of your referral program and encourage Registration. This text appears under your Program Title.
  • Terms & Conditions Approval: If you would like to require your members to check the box indicating they have read your Terms & Conditions, select 'Require on Registration'.
  • Additional Fields: You have the option to require additional Registration fields for your members. Select, "Require and display phone number" to require members to fill out their phone number. Enable, "Custom Fields", to create up to two custom text fields and one drop down. These additional fields will be required for registration and will display as a second form after the initial registration page.

Terms & Conditions

  • Terms & Conditions: Enable or Disable your program's Terms & Conditions. This is Enabled by default. When Enabled, The Terms & Conditions are displayed in the footer of each page in the Portal.
  • Display Mode: External Link or HTML Content.
    • If set to External Link: Enter the URL for your Terms & Conditions page. When the member views your Terms & Conditions, they will be redirected to this URL.
    • If set to HTML Content: Your Terms & Conditions page will be hosted by Referral Rock. Create your Terms & Conditions by using the text boxes provided:
      • Title: The Title of the page when the user views your Terms & Conditions.
      • Content: Use our editor to create the body of your Terms & Conditions Page (see image below).


  • Referrals Page: Enable or Disable your Referrals Tab. This toggles the availability of the Referrals Page. This is Enabled by default. If set to Disabled, the Referrals tab will be removed and will not be accessible by members.
  • Public Note: Choose whether you'd like members to be able to view any Public Note associated with their referrals (if using).
  • Amount: Choose if you'd like to show members the purchase amount of the referral (if using).
  • Member Note: This column is optional and only available when using Direct Add.
  • Direct Add Referral Button: Optional button to Add referrals directly from the member portal on the My Referrals page. This is only available when using Direct Add.


  • Rewards Page: Enable or Disable the Rewards tab. This is Enabled by default. If you choose to not show your members their Rewards page, this tab will be removed and will not be accessible by members.
  • Currency Type: Select the currency type for the reward (for example, USD). If your reward doesn't have a currency type, you can select Units from the dropdown menu.
  • Amount Decimals: If set to, "With Decimals", the reward amount will display with two decimal places (15.00). If set to, "Without Decimals", the reward amount will display as a whole number (15).


When you click the Language button under Portal Settings, you can customize all of the labels for the member portal. Click through the different tabs at the top to edit the language for each page and subsection, including the Registration, Login and Reset pages.

Share Block

The share block is the section of the member portal where members will select how they want to share their unique link.

For Social Share, in addition to the options displayed below, when viewing on a mobile device, members will also be able to share via Text Message (SMS), WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

We also offer the ability to replace the Social Share block with Direct Add. This allows your members to fill out a form to directly submit referrals to your program. The Direct Add share block includes a Direct Add button as well as an easy share button to copy their referral link to their clipboard.

Social Share

When you select the Social Share button, you can change the Share Block text labels, including the share prompt, as well as the social, email, mobile and link direction labels.

To change the pre-populated Message or Email that your members share, navigate to the Messages Tab of the Program Editor

Direct Add

When using Direct Add, the social sharing options are removed and replaced with a button to directly add a referral to your program. The button to copy their referral link for easy sharing is also available. The button to manually add a referral is available on the member dashboard, and optional on the My Referrals tab.

We have added additional Fraud Rules to accompany Direct Add, which allow you to limit the number of daily or monthly direct add referrals by your members, if desired. Please check them out here!
Direct Add Form

To customize the form you would like your members to complete when adding a new referral, click the Edit icon visible when hovering over Direct Add.

Here, you can customize the share prompt as well as the form that members will fill out with their referrals information. If you would like members to provide more than standard referral information, use the Custom Fields option to require additional form fields. You may also customize the submit prompt, depending on if the referral is successful or blocked.

Preview Pages

Click between the different page names to preview what the public facing page will look like when your program is live.

Internal pages are the pages that only your members will see once they have logged into their portal

External pages are pages that can be seen by anyone with an external link to your referral program. For example, a link to the Registration page.

To edit a specific page, select the edit icon next to the page name.

Embed Options

Member Portal 2.0 embed experiences offer sharing options only and do not support the member dashboard or statistics. For more information on this functionality and how to integrate your program with your website using an iFrame or widget, please reference our Member Portal 2.0 Embed Experience article.

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