My product/service has a return policy. Can I apply an eligibility date to my reward?

Daniel Misico Updated by Daniel Misico

Yes! You can apply an eligibility date to your reward on the Reward Rules page, under the Payout Rules section of your reward rule. This is a great feature if you have a return policy on your product/service, and do not wish to issue a reward until after that policy has expired.

If a Payout Eligibility Date has been applied to a reward rule, a reward will not be eligible to be issued until the eligibility date has been met. If you would like to automatically issue the reward once the date has been met, use the Scheduled Payouts option to set your payout to "issue once per day".


Let's say you have a return policy of 30 days, and you don't want to issue members their gift card until their referral's purchase has passed that 30 day window. Set your Payout Eligibility Date to '30' and then schedule your gift card payout to "Issue once per day". Once that 30 day window has been met, the member's reward will automatically issue at the end of that day.

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