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Integrating with Instapage to capture your Referrals is a simple process with only a few steps!

In Referral Rock

Before we hop over to Instapage we need to grab your Conversion Redirect URL and enter the "final destination" URL where you would like your referrals to end up after they submit your Instapage form.

  1. Click here and copy your Conversion Page URL for later use in Instapage.
  2. Scroll down and enter the URL that you wish to redirect people to after they submit your Instapage form (such as a thank-you/confirmation page) under where it says Redirect URL.

In Instapage

  1. On your Instapage form, edit the form's submit button to redirect to an outside URL. Place the URL you copied from In Referral Rock - Step 1 here.
  2. Under Settings, go to the Javascript Section and in the header, enter the following script and Save:
You may need to change the input field names below where bolded. For guidance on locating your form field parameters please reference Step 3 on this Instapage article.
window.instapageFormSubmitSuccess = function (form) {
// Get values from form fields
var param1 = form.querySelector('input[name="' + 'First Name' + '"]').value;
var param2 = form.querySelector('input[name="' + 'Last Name' + '"]').value;
var param3 = form.querySelector('input[name="' + 'Company Name' + '"]').value;
var param4 = form.querySelector('input[name="' + 'Phone Number' + '"]').value;
var param5 = form.querySelector('input[name="' + 'Email' + '"]').value;

// Get the actual redirect url
var redirect_url = form.querySelector('input[name="redirect"]').value;

// Amend redirect url in form by adding fields from form

form.querySelector('input[name="redirect"]').value = redirect_url + '?firstname=' + param1 + '&lastname=' + param2 + '&companyname=' + param3 + '&phone=' + param4 +'&email=' + param5;

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