Additional Options

The Additional Options page within your program editor allows you to set up some of the more procedural pieces of your referral program.  This article covers activating your program and setting Member and Referral options.

Activating Your Program

Your program must be activated for any external links to your program to work.  Simply click 'Activate Program' and then 'Yes' to fully activate your program and enable all URLs.

You can activate your program at any time and you may continue to make edits to your program once it is activated.

Member Options

These are options that effect a Member trying to join your program.

Registration Process

Choose how you want your users to register for your program: Self Service or Request Approval.

Registration Mode

  • Self Service: After registration, if self-service is selected for newly registering members, the new member will automatically be registered and brought to their Member dashboard. 
  • Request Approval: If request approval has been selected, customers will have to be approved by an Admin in order to join your program. Upon approval, the new Member will receive a registration email with the link to their dashboard and their password.
If the Request Approval registration mode is selected, an email notification will be sent notifying of a member's join request. You can edit who receives these notification emails by going to the Notification page or by clicking here.

Referral Code Generation

A referral code is what uniquely identifies a Member.  This is what ties a Referral to a specific Member in order to let you know where that Referral came from.

Generate Mode

The generate mode refers to the standard rules that apply to the generation of the referral code.  There are two options when it comes to generating a referral code:

  • Personalized Code based on Member Name: This means that the referral code will be generated based on the Member's full name.  So if the Member's name is John Smith, the referral code generated would be 'JOHNSMITH' (while still following all other generation rules).
  • Randomly Generated: When enabled, all referral codes will be a randomly generated set of letters and numbers but will still follow any other generation rules enabled.

Optional Prefix

An optional prefix allows you to have a standard set of up to three characters across all referral codes generated within your program.  Using the example above, if you set a prefix of 123 then John Smith's referral code would be '123JOHNSMITH'.

Minimum and Maximum Length

This allows you to set a minimum and maximum number of characters for your Member's referral codes.  When setting these numbers, this excludes any prefix that you might have set.

Referral Options

These settings apply to all Referrals coming into your referral program. 

  • Fraud Settings - Your Fraud settings are automatically enabled to default settings in order to safeguard your referral program from any potential fraud.
  • Conversion Tracking -  Setup the conversion script on your site so that your referrals will be captured correctly.
  • Conversion Settings - Allows you to approve referral on conversion, edit cookie expiration days, and determine which cookie your program will credit when a referral has clicked on multiple member's links.
If you are using the Referral Form, the Conversion Tracking and Conversion Settings options will not appear because conversion happens through the form.

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