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Our main HubSpot receiver integration allows for one-way communication from HubSpot to Referral Rock in order to update referrals based on HubSpot settings. Due to this, when using a Referral Rock hosted form, an additional integration (typically through Zapier) was required to ensure the referral exists in both HubSpot and Referral Rock.

With this new Referral Add to HubSpot integration, whenever a referral is added to Referral Rock, they are also added as a Contact in HubSpot.

View our HubSpot integration for Referral Updates here!

In Referral Rock

The integration is program-specific. If you would like to set up the integration for multiple programs, you must repeat these steps for each program.
  1. Log in and navigate to Settings > Integrations and scroll down to External Service Integrations and select Manage Integration under HubSpot, or simply click here.
  2. Under Send Referrals to HubSpot, click Setup.
  3. Select the Program you would like to integrate with HubSpot and select Next.
  4. Connect a New HubSpot account or choose an existing connected HubSpot account.
    We have received reports that some browser extensions such as pop-up blockers may cause issues during set up in Referral Rock. Please disable your pop-up blocker or allow the pop-up when prompted.
  5. There will be a pop-up. Here you can choose which HubSpot account to connect. Select the proper account and then Grant access.
  6. Choose your desired Configuration for when a Referral is added in Referral Rock and the email address already matches a record in HubSpot:
  7. Review your settings and select Save.
  8. Select the green button to enable the integration.
  9. Add a Referral to your program to test. You will see the referral come in as a Contact in HubSpot.

That's it! If you would like to edit this setup in the future, you can do so here.

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