Using Drift to capture referral information is ideal for customers using Drift's awesome chat bots for lead capture and nurturing. We'll go step-by-step through the setup needed to redirect referrals to your website and convert referrals once your Drift bot receives an email address from them.

Setting up the Referral Redirect Page

Step 1: Obtain the link to your site where Drift is installed. 

Step 2: Now that you have the link that you want to send referrals to, it's time to set this as the referral page in Referral Rock.

  1. Navigate to Program Editor > Share or click here
  2. Under Referral Destination, select Change Destination
  3. Make sure the Webpage Redirect option is selected and enter the URL to the page where your Drift Form is hosted.

Alternatively, you can use the Hosted Landing Page option to send referrals first to landing page that you design in Referral Rock, followed by a redirect to your own site after referrals click a call to action. 

Tracking New Email Conversions in Drift 

The next step in setting up Referral Rock to work with Drift is tracking conversions that occur with your Drift bot when your Drift bot successfully collects an email. This will tell us which referral interacted with your drift bot and which member sent them. Usually, customers integrating with Drift use a referral update further along their sales process to add information or qualify or approve the existing referral record. The nice thing is, once we have the referral email linked to the member who sent them, we can use just the email address for all future updates and we don't have to worry about member attribution ever again.

In this example, we'll install the conversion tracking site-wide to ensure that every conversion is captured, but you can limit the scope to certain pages, subdomains, etc. if you would like.

  1. Login to the back-end of the site with Drift where you are sending referrals.
  2. Navigate to wherever you put your Drift JavaScript code snippet. In WordPress, this is likely within the Drift Plugin itself in the box titled "Drift JS Code Snippet".
  3. In the same box where the Drift JS Code Snippet is, add the Drift Email Capture Script located below.
  4. Update the script with your business name in the function at the bottom.

Drift Email Capture Script

You must change the yourbusinessname in the below script. You can find the correct name at the bottom of the example integration script located here: http://app.referralrock.com/clientadmin/integrations/scriptsbeta/?event=conversion
window.drift.on("emailCapture", function(e) {
window.rrSpace = (
rrSettingsConversion = {
debug: "false",
parameters: {
email: e.data.email
(function (f, r, n, d, b, y) { b = f.createElement(r), y = f.getElementsByTagName(r)[0]; b.async = 1; b.src = n; b.id = 'RR_DIVID'; y.parentNode.insertBefore(b, y); })(document, 'script', '//yourbusinessname.referralrock.com/webpixel/beta/universalv03.js');
Once you add your event script, submit a form and ensure the data is coming through correctly in your Referral Rock Event Log.

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